Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter – 20lb


    The much anticipated Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter is finally here! This litter is far LIGHTER and easier to transport than other litters and traditional substrates.  This litter is a game-changer for your ferrets and your home. Fresh & Clean Ferret Litter is currently available in 20lb bags. 5lb bags will be available in the near future.

    • Made from 100% Clean Virgin Paper

    • This super absorbent litter allows you to use less litter yet absorbs more waste

    • The clean, white appearance of the pellets makes it easier to observe your ferret’s stool and evaluate their health.

    • This dust-free litter allows for the litter to be easily cleaned.

    • No additives make for a healthy litter that effectively controls odor and maintains a clean environment for your ferret!

    Sold By: Ferret Depot
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