Six Tips To Make Your Ferrets Better At Home

Six Tips To Make Your Ferrets Better At Home

  • Jason Reid - 03.12.2020
    If you are brining home a ferret for the first time, you might be wondering what some good tips are for creating a great home atmosphere.  Here are six great tips inspired by ferret owners everywhere to make sure you have the best home experience with your ferrets. 
    1. Make Sure The Cage Is Safe

    Ferrets are active creatures that we are sure you know.  They sleep between 14-18 hours a day making it important to ensure a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Invest in a large cage  to give them room to sleep and play throughout the day and night, especially if you have more than one. Ferrets can sometimes also feel claustrophobic, so ensure your cage has space and plenty of fu toys. Also make sure that the cage has a separate area for the litter pan and sleeping area so they do no make a habit of pooping in their beds.

    Another great idea is to expand on the usable space of the cage by getting multiple hammocks for your ferrets to sleep in. Give the options to sleep in different spots since they love to sleep in different areas throughout the day. it will also give you the ablity to organize their cage and keep it clean. 

    1. Monitor Children & Ferrets

    Ferrets can get aggressive from time to time. They might nip or bite when they get riled up and . While this is playful and the fun part of having ferrets, if you have small children, make sure you supervise playtime with kids under the age of 10. Regardless, you should make sure that your ferret is properly trained to not bite or be aggressive. 

    1. Teach Your Ferret Against Biting

    Ferrets bite for different reasons. He may be afraid, have poor manners, or is just curious to explore with their mouth.Maybe hes a little brat.  Either way, it’s a good skill to teach your ferret when to not bite, and that starts from an early age.  Bites can be painful and shocking to say the least. 

    Scruffing is the best technique to control a ferret that’s biting. You gently lift up the ferret by the back of his neck and hold its mouth closed. This doesn’t hurt the ferret, and lets him know that you’re dominant and corrects the negative behavior.

    1. Set Up Their Feeding Station Correctly

    Because ferrets are energetic, and at feeding times, that enthusiasm can spill over. Get the feeding containers that best suits the ferrets you have. LAy down a plastic plate mat under the food to catch any spills. The right kind of water bottle will ensure that he doesn’t spill as much and can easily drink from it.

    1. Keep It Clean

    Washing your ferret’s bedding is one of the biggest points to keeping the smell’s of your ferrets down.  Ensure you empty the litter once each day and give your ferret’s baths a few times per month to ensure a clean ferret. 

    1. Playtime

    Ferrets need to be played with. Since they are only awake for a few hours each day, make sure to get them out of the cage and grab the toys. This is your time to have fun playing and building on that strong human-animal bond.  Playtime is the best part of owning a ferret, so make sure they get the time outside the cage that they need.  You won’t regret it. .

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