Holiday Safety Tips For Your Ferrets

Our Ferrets are as much a part of our family as ol Clark Griswold. Come the holidays we have more people and activity going on in the home and need to ensure we take precautions to ensure their safety. We posed the question on social media to ask how people take care of their ferrets for the holidays and here are some of the community-driven answers.

  1. Stay Vigilant: With additional people and the general hustle and bustle of the season, it’s a constant job making sure our ferrets are safe. Be vigilantly consistent with prevention measures and guests. Always be aware of all surroundings and anything that could be problematic for your ferret’s health.
  2. Trees: Artificial trees may consist of materials that are toxic and non-digestible materials that can cause an intestinal obstruction. You especially don’t want them chewing on any ornaments either. The oils from live trees have been known to cause irritation and other reactions. Festive plants may pose threats to your pets.  One should be careful as well of festive holiday plants including mistletoe, holly, and the milky sap of poinsettias, which can cause issues such as vomiting, drooling, and diarrhea in many different pets, not just ferrets. Keeping the playpen gate up and around the tree you have is a simple way to establish barriers for your free-roaming ferret.
  3. Cords: Keep an eye on your lighting cords and make sure they are not in a chewable position.
  4. Christmas Morning: One of the best and potentially overlooked tips that was shared with us revolved around Christmas morning. With excess wrapping paper and tubes littering your living room floor, be aware of losing sight of your ferret in the clutter and potentially stepping on one of them. Check all wrapping paper tubes as well before you throw them out.
  5. Create A Quiet Space: With all of the craziness in the house, dedicate a different room for them during this season to keep them safe and less stressed. Uncle Eddie might be one of your favorites in the family but if he isn’t pet aware, it could cause unintended accidents.
  6. Lock Cabinets: Child-proof cabinet locks are a must regardless of the time of year for ferret families. One of our social media comments reported their ferrets had become strong enough to edge open the cabinets, and we all know how mischevious they can be when we can’t see them. Grandma might be a bit freaked out if she finds bandit in the fruit cake…which wouldn’t be good for grandma or your ferret anyway you look at it.

From all of us at Ferret Depot have a memorable and safe Christmas season!